The Amazon rainforest has lost 700,000 SQ KM to deforestation since 1970.


There are lots of people that will tell you to plant trees, but none of them pledge to protect the trees later. Our core mission is not only to plant; but to assure the safety of the trees, animals, and people in the rainforest. Due to high deforestation around the world, planting more trees is only a band-aid for the serious problem we are facing. Fiercely protecting the remainder of Amazonia is something we are deeply passionate about. If you are impassioned about preserving nature, we are glad you’re here with us.


How am I protecting the trees?


In the edges of the Amazon rainforest, farmers have an easy way to make money: clear the land, and use it for cattle ranching, or soybean farming. Brazilian government data shows that more than 60% of deforested lands in Brazil are used for cattle pasture. Farmers need a sustainable form of income. When you shop with us, you provide that income for them to protect the trees, instead of burning down Amazonia for cattle ranching. 


Do you really know why the Amazon is shrinking? 


One of the main reasons behind the fires that have been so discussed in the media is that Brazilian farmers are burning forests out of necessity. It's the cheapest way to clear land, and they need to develop the land to provide for their families. 

Legal land owners on the edge of the Amazon depend on developing that land to earn money to support their families and communities. Reforestree works with these legal land owners to do business in environmentally sustainable ways instead of developing the land.

By building a community of "Reforesters" dedicated to protecting and reforesting the edges of the Amazon, we can help conserve the forests and protect the animals that live there.

Reforestree Inc. already has over 1.6 MILLION trees on legally owned forested land in the Amazon under contract to protect. For us, increasing profits equals more conserved forests and more families helped. Reforestree Inc has a solid, commercially sustainable plan to affect real lasting social & environmental change.