What Is Reforestree?


A new, never before seen solution for sustainable commerce...

Reforestree Inc. on a mission to lead the way in sustainable commerce across three major pillars: financial, social, and environmental. We prove that it’s possible to be socially & environmentally responsible in business across multiple industries. 

We dedicate proceeds from all commercial activity to the preservation of the environment. We’re making conservation and reforestation economically viable at a global scale and improving the lives of the people who work alongside us.

We’re also tired of waiting for someone else to do something, and we know you are too. Help us make sustainable commerce a tool that fights for our planet. Become a Reforestree Activist a.k.a. "Reforester."

Do you really know why the Amazon is shrinking? 

One of the main reasons behind the fires that have been so discussed in the media is that Brazilian farmers are burning forests out of necessity. It's the cheapest way to clear land, and they need to develop the land to provide for their families. 

Legal land owners on the edge of the Amazon depend on developing that land to earn money to support their families and communities. Reforestree works with these legal land owners to do business in environmentally sustainable ways instead of developing the land.

By building a community of "Reforesters" dedicated to preserving and reforesting the edges of the Amazon, we can help conserve the forests and protect the animals that live there.

So how does it work?

We are going to use economics for its most noble purpose - to protect the environment by conserving the Amazon, and give better lives to the people that live there and depend on the forests.

Reforestree develops sustainable businesses and funnels money into these lands on the edges of the Amazon. This creates a paid workforce motivated to conserve the Amazon and reforest where needed. By purchasing anything from us, you are actively conserving the Amazon, and giving its protectors a better life. 

Even Brazilian government officials agree that this is the best way to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. Ricardo Salles, Brazilian minister of environment says that legal land owners should be paid to preserve the forest and not cut and clear their land. (1)

Why aren't we a non-profit?

Our system simply works better as a business. Reforestree Inc. offers a unique option for individuals and companies all over the world to be able to help protect specific areas of the environment and create jobs in those communities. 

There are countless acres of threatened forest land in the Amazonian Rainforest with nobody looking to work with the people who live there to protect it.

Reforestree Inc. already has literally over 1 BILLION trees on legally owned forested land in the Amazon under contract to protect.

As a business we have to constantly innovate to maintain profits...or go bankrupt.

For us, increasing profits equals more conserved forests and more families helped. Reforestree Inc has a solid, commercially sustainable plan to affect real lasting social & environmental change. 

Why not just plant more trees? All the cool kids are doing it...

Studies show that forests take decades to fully recover and for animals to come back to their old homes.(2) This means that planting new trees is just the tip of the iceberg and there's a lot more work to do!

We can have an immediate impact by preserving the existing rainforest to slow the devastation. The more we conserve, the more we will reforest because the newly planted trees will be protected long enough to make a difference. 

Reforestation without conservation is a failed effort. 

The Amazonian Jungle is indeed a valuable resource for the entire world. Regardless of how much outsiders want to preserve that land, the people that live there depend on it. We need to work better together if we want to make a real impact to stop climate change. By investing in sustainable commerce with the locals, their lives will be better and the forest will be protected. 

We already have the support of the locals. 


In 2019, Richard Rasmussen was named Brazil’s Ecotourism Ambassador, by the President of Brazil. He is a strong believer in Reforestree. “I've been working in the Amazon for the last 25 years. I'm a biologist. And we lack, in my perception, projects that really connect the people that live in the city to the people that really live here."

We Need YOU to Be a "Reforester".

We have already signed contracts with several legal land owners totaling an area over the size of 200,000 football fields and protecting over 1 BILLION trees. This land is ready to be preserved, we just need you!

Here Is How You Can Help

You can become a "Reforester" today when you order an "Amazonian Sustainer Package". This is a sponsorship that lasts for 1 year, and will protect a slot of land about 1000 sq. feet in size (about the size of your local Starbucks).

How does an Amazonian Sustainer Package work?

What these forested areas need are sponsors who are willing to adopt them for protection. This sponsorship would protect the trees and wildlife that live on those lands from commercial development.

The plants can continue to grow and the animals can keep their homes.

The people that work in those areas will be able to replant trees and watch over them until they reach maturity.

We have divided up the forest lands into 'slots' of about 1000 sq feet each (comparable to your local Starbucks). 

An Amazonian Sustainer Package will purchase your very own sponsorship of one 'slot' of land in the Amazon for 1 year. Since there are about 25 large, mature trees in each slot of land, that's the impact each slot has on the forest itself. 

That sponsorship package includes:

  • About 1000 sq ft of your very protected piece of the Amazon Rainforest for 12 months starting on the 1st day of the month after you order.
  • Your name will appear on our Sustainers Page, proving to the world that you are actively conserving the Amazon Rainforest. 
  • Entry into our monthly prize drawings that include Amazonian indigenous handmade crafts like necklaces, bracelets, bows and arrows, small blowguns, and indigenous instruments are all part of the prize pool. For every slot you Sustain, you will be entered one time! Bigger prizes include Reforestree brand clothing and ecotourism trips to the Amazon Rainforest itself!
  • Regular update reports on how the protected lands are progressing so you can see the results that your sponsorship is really having.
  • If you're shopping with us as a business, you can include your sponsorship of the Amazonian Rainforest as part of your business's marketing and publicity. In one single stroke, your business can become more eco-friendly and 'green'. You'll be doing more sustainable commerce and meeting the growing customer demand that businesses do more to give back to society and the environment. You'll also be passing along to your clients that they'll be indirectly sponsoring the Amazonian Rainforest along WITH you!
  • Much more coming soon (we're in pre-launch mode...)

What Guarantees Do You Have?

This is the best part of becoming a Reforester and joining the mission we have here at Reforestree Inc.  Here's all the reasons why we're legitimate and your purchase of sponsorship is 100% risk-free:

  • If at any time within the 12 months of your purchase of an Amazonian Sustainer Package you're unhappy with your sponsorship, contact our support and we'll arrange for you to get a full refund. No questions asked and most importantly - no hard feelings. 
  • Reforestree Inc. is a US-based company. That means we're accountable to the full extent of USA laws and we conduct all of our business under the direction of good legal counsel that ensure you're protected and that we do things by the book, the way they should be done.
  • The contracts that Reforestree Inc has setup on the lands offer liability protection. You will not be responsible for anything bad that happens on your little piece of Amazonian paradise that we're helping you to protect. 
  • Sponsorships are a form of publicity and advertising. If you're purchasing as a business - 100% of the sponsorship purchase price is tax deductible and there is no limit to the number of 'slots' you can sponsor. So if you're in business and looking into an Amazonian Sustainer Package, understand that it is a 100% tax-deductible expense under Advertising and does not enter into Charitable contributions. We're in business, and we're so happy to be in business with people like YOU.
  • All information and transactions on this website are encrypted, protecting your personal information.

Click Here To Become a Reforester and write your name in history. 

The Amazon is a vast area, and we will need a lot of support from around the world to make the impact that we would like to make. You are a crucial part of the solution. Thank you for caring about climate change and sustainable commerce. 

Congratulations on becoming a Reforester!

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More About Richard Rasmussen, The "Steve Irwin of Brazil":

Richard Rasmussen is a professional biologist of international acclaim, an environmental activist known as Brazil’s “Steve Irwin” and a big supporter of Reforestree. He has loved the wild since he was a small boy, and started exploring Brazil’s jungle from the early age of 12. No one fights harder, and with a truer purpose, to defend the forest and the people that live there than Richard. His goals and Reforestree's goals are aligned: protecting the Amazon rainforest, its people, and its wildlife.

Richard has hosted several Brazilian shows about his adventures in the rainforests of Brazil. Some of these include: Wild to the Extreme, Wild Adventure, Saturday Animal, and in 2013 he debuted on a show on the National Geographic called The Wild World by Richard Rasmussen. One of his most important documentaries, In a River Below, Richard brings to light a horrific video of a Pink Dolphin being slaughtered, to be used as bait for a prize fish called the piracatinga. This video made a great impact, leading the government to a 5-year ban on piracatinga fishing.

Richard offers only a few trips each year and due to the nature of this trip spots are very limited, so reserve yours now!



(1):Trevisani, Paulo. “Brazil to Ask Rich Countries to Help Pay for Amazon Protection,” November 20, 2019. https://www.wsj.com/articles/brazil-to-ask-rich-countries-to-help-pay-for-amazon-protection-11574278849.

(2): Fagan, Matthew. “Planting Trees Only Works If the Restored Forests Stand for More than 10 or 20 Years.” GreenBiz. GreenBiz Group Inc., March 19, 2019. https://www.greenbiz.com/article/planting-trees-only-works-if-restored-forests-stand-more-10-or-20-years.

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