Reforestree Inc. on a mission to lead the way in sustainable commerce across three major pillars: financial, social, and environmental. We prove that it’s possible to be socially & environmentally responsible in business across multiple industries. 

We dedicate proceeds from all commercial activity to the preservation of the environment. We’re making conservation and reforestation economically viable at a global scale and improving the lives of the people who work alongside us.

We’re also tired of waiting for someone else to do something, and we know you are too. Help us make sustainable commerce a tool that fights for our planet. 

We can have an immediate impact by preserving the existing rainforest to slow the devastation. The more we conserve, the more we will reforest because the newly planted trees will be protected long enough to make a difference. 


In 2019, Richard Rasmussen was named Brazil’s Ecotourism Ambassador, by the President of Brazil. He is a strong believer in Reforestree. “I've been working in the Amazon for the last 25 years. I'm a biologist. And we lack, in my perception, projects that really connect the people that live in the city to the people that really live here."

We Need YOU to Be a "Reforester".

We have already signed contracts with several legal land owners totaling an area over the size of 200,000 football fields and protecting over 1 BILLION trees. This land is ready to be preserved, we just need you!

Here Is How You Can Help

You can become a "Reforester" today when you order a T-shirt from Your purchase includes an "Amazonian Sustainability Sponsorship". This is a sponsorship that lasts for 1 year, and will protect a slot of land about 1000 sq. feet in size (about the size of your local Starbucks).

How does an Amazonian Sustainability Sponsorship work?

What these forested areas need are sponsors who are willing to adopt them for protection. This sponsorship would protect the trees and wildlife that live on those lands from commercial development.

The plants can continue to grow and the animals can keep their homes.

The people that work in those areas will be able to replant trees and watch over them until they reach maturity.

We have divided up the forest lands into 'slots' of about 1000 sq feet each (comparable to your local Starbucks). 

With every T-shirt sale (thanks to your support), we will protect one 'slot' of land in the Amazon for 1 year. Since there are about 25 large, mature trees in each slot of land, that's the impact each slot has on the forest itself. 

Our sponsorship package will ensure the conservation of approxiamtely 1000 sq ft of the Amazon Rainforest. That sponsorship lasts for 12 months.

Why Choose To Do Business With Us?

  • Reforestree Inc. is a US-based company. That means we're accountable to the full extent of USA laws and we conduct all of our business under the direction of good legal counsel that ensure you're protected and that we do things by the book, the way they should be done.
  • The contracts that Reforestree Inc has setup on the lands offer liability protection. You will not be responsible for anything bad that happens on the little piece of Amazonian paradise that you're helping to protect. 
  • All information and transactions on this website are encrypted, protecting your personal information.

Click Here To Order A T-Shirt and Become a Reforester Today

The Amazon is a vast area, and we will need a lot of support from around the world to make the impact that we would like to make. You are a crucial part of the solution. Thank you for caring about the environment and making commerce sustainable!

Congratulations on becoming a Reforester!

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More About Richard Rasmussen, The "Steve Irwin of Brazil":

Richard Rasmussen is a professional biologist of international acclaim, an environmental activist known as Brazil’s “Steve Irwin” and a big supporter of Reforestree. He has loved the wild since he was a small boy, and started exploring Brazil’s jungle from the early age of 12. No one fights harder, and with a truer purpose, to defend the forest and the people that live there than Richard. His goals and Reforestree's goals are aligned: protecting the Amazon rainforest, its people, and its wildlife.

Richard has hosted several Brazilian shows about his adventures in the rainforests of Brazil. Some of these include: Wild to the Extreme, Wild Adventure, Saturday Animal, and in 2013 he debuted on a show on the National Geographic called The Wild World by Richard Rasmussen. One of his most important documentaries, In a River Below, Richard brings to light a horrific video of a Pink Dolphin being slaughtered, to be used as bait for a prize fish called the piracatinga. This video made a great impact, leading the government to a 5-year ban on piracatinga fishing.

Richard offers only a few trips each year and due to the nature of this trip spots are very limited, so reserve yours now!














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